Sunday, February 21, 2016

Skull Shore

          February has just started and for me it already feels like June. Call me crazy, but I love the colder months . I know that for clothing wise some of us can run out of ideas during this period and frankly nobody has the time or wants to the fashionable , instead of putting on as many layers as one and put their hands on ( that's me ) . But since spring is around the corner and the weather seems in a great mood so am I. Thus I have decided to look cute for a change. So this is the look that I came up with after looking though some inspirational looks from the beautiful Luanna Perez.

I am the Owl

   I remember seeing Rivers Edge when I was a teenager on TCM and thinking Keanu Reeves was God. And I stole the idea of wearing a leather jacket with a vest ever since . Trying to be all cool with a great style . So many years after I find myself going back to this style just because I never gets old. But the central piece is not the jacket but my new vintage Dead Kennedys tee which I got from a friend which father went to a concert back in the '80's and now it is my treasure .

Poison Heart

    This year for my birthday I received the most wonderful thing in this world from my boy, which is, my new canon lens and I can only say that it was love at first sight. From now on only quality photography, especially for university. Since I am progressing in this line of work , after I will get my second degree . And for the look this is my casual go to for a lukewarm almost spring day. Enjoy !

                                          Pull&Bear            - Faux Moto Leather Jacket
                                          New Yorker          - The Ramones shirt
                                          Stradivarius         - Wigh Waisted Black Skinny Jeans
                                          H&M                    - Platform Boots