Thursday, December 24, 2015

Instagram favorites II

                                     Part II of my favorite instagram posts over the years .

Night before Dawn

                      For me Christmas has a special place in my heart , mostly winter in general . But this years seeing all the streets still green and the weather lukewarm brings me thinking that maybe..Grinch stole the winter this year. So sad about it too, but on the brighter side I can still wear these clothes and be warm so that's always a bonus !

" Creeping " it 90's !


                      Same outfit but with a different angle . The first post was more about the dark alternative, grungy feel that I tend to have more these days rather than my death / trash look like in my teen years. So you could say I came back to the roots.

                     This look was my go to in High School and I was feeling so great about my matching and outfit skills . I was in that Grunge faze where I would borrow my friends cd's and listen all day long to the same Alice in Chains song, or rithm onto Pearl Jam until my mom would call it day and let me bust open the speakers up to 100 % broad day light. Those were the days. 

Instagram favorites

                 Hello Lovelies . I bring you today my top favorite Instagram photos that are really dear to me and share a little story. And I have been thinking of making a post all about how I edit my Instagram photo's since I was requested to do so on there. But for now I leave you with these little ones.

                 Love Violet !

Shadow of the Creeper

                                             H&M                    - Skull Beanie
                                             H&M                    - Glow in the dark Creep Cropped Shirt
                                             New Yorker          - Moto Jacket
                                             Stradivarius          - High Waist Ripped Skinny Jeans
                                             Vintage                 - Combat Boots

            Love, love, love this look so much. I was out taking a walk when me and Edi ( my boyfriend ) decided to go stalk the mall a bit for alternative treasures and I stumbled upon this Creep beaut. It was on sale at half price because originally it was for Halloween .

           But come on this piece can be worn all year round because it's versatility . Also it comes in yeah ! Anywho I must say that immediately I was putting together an outfit for it . So in the weekend we head on out to take some photos of the outfit put together. It's a bit classic for me a - BLACK ON BLACK ACTION - but who can go wrong with this combo, right ?

My Digital Art


             As many of my dear friends and many other know I fiddle with art for a very long time now. Maybe from the age 10 ? Something like that. So I have decided to share some of my favorite digital drawings that I have been working recently . Maybe some of these have a familiar face to you and that is because I was inspired by some of these beautiful ladies to make my art. Therefore let's begin :
               1. Waters Riley - She is a beautiful blogger from California and I have been folowing her for a very long time on LookBook so I thought it was time for me to make this !
                                          2. Alexandra - or Aatypi known on Instagram
                              3. Gina Vadana - or Vintageena known on YouTube and LookBook

                                                                   4. Gina Vadana 2

                                                            5. Hannah Pixie Sykes

                                                                   6. Luanna Perez                           

                                                7.  Mickylene from Athousandchapters

                                                    8. My version of Hannah Pixie Sykes

Grey Velvet

                                                        H&M         - Skull Beanie
                                                        H&M         - Grey pencil dress
                                                        Vintage      - zip up